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Rose Quartz Gua Sha
Mariam Amin
A little change in my review!

Even though I had previously given a 4 when it comes to review, I'd like to add another +1 for the customer service. I find it extremely useful and humble that I was able to receive a call from the company itself explaining everything about the packaging and the product + taking accountability. I'm all here for improvement and I appreciate the sincerity and, of course, the products.

Much love,

Instant Beard Filling Pen
Muhammad Umair Mazhar Jamil

Useful products

Best at home Botox

This is an amazing product. I have used its pack of
2 and the results are super great. It mimics as
botox treatment without any pain.❤️

Best Microneedle patches

The results are obvious and very good. Fast delivery, highly recommended.

Rose Quartz Spa Set
Rukhsana Imran
The Best 👌

I have found my order timely. It was in excellent condition as show in the ad. I am totally satisfied and happy

Rose quartaz guasha and Roller

Love your oroducts. Value of money.
But quite costly as compared to others.

Rose Quartz Spa Set

Rose Quartz Spa Set

Great product!

My skin has been breaking out due to the heat and humidity and this was the perfect product to help me with my acne. Love it. Will definitely buy again.

OMG I Love them

I had never experienced pimples before, but recently they've been appearing sporadically, leaving lasting scars that take months to fade. Just when I believed I had gotten rid of them, they would resurface in the same spot, making the scars even worse. Nothing I tried seemed to be effective. It felt like a miracle when I discovered these patches. There was one persistent pimple that would keep reappearing every few weeks, disappearing temporarily but leaving a lingering bump beneath the skin. However, the patch managed to eliminate it overnight. I'll definitely be keeping these patches on hand from now on. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THESE!!!!!

"Micro Dart Acne Patches"

"I'm truly impressed with the results I've seen from the Micro Dart Acne Patches. These patches are a game-changer in acne treatment. The micro darts deliver targeted relief, noticeably reducing blemishes. Comfortable to wear and effective in action, they've become an essential part of my skincare routine. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a quick and efficient solution to acne woes!"

Volcanic roller

I just got your volcanic rollar in hand and satisfied with the first use
Amazing thing to be used

About high price

Its result so amazing but price to too much high more then 20 piece hny chia ic pack me

Microdarts Acne Patches (Instant acne treatment)

Instant Beard Filling Pen
Sameer Ahmed khan

Instant Beard Filling Pen

Skin Rozsa Jade Bundle
Mubashir Mahdi
Jade bundle.

The quality is optimum and I'm highly impressed with the elegant packaging it truly screams luxury , as for the serum it isn't my preferable choice but I rate it a 8.5/10 . Thankyou .

Eye patch



Bakuchiol serum is amazing but out of stock from some days, please restock.


The best product so far. You guys always come up with unique product. This was a must needed product for me and i am so happy to have it. I highly recommend this over any other serum pr product, it is very effective.

Good Product.

Perfect product for patchy beard. Feel so real even after full day. I also use it to mask my few white hairs as well.

Wrinkles & Eye bag patch
Onaizah Abdul Wahid
Amazing Product

I bought this for my mom and she's really happy with the product. The packing was great and delivery was on time. I recommend it!

Gua sha Stone

Economical. 10 percent off on first purchase and free shipping were one of reasons I choose skin rozsa to purchase gua sha stone. I loved the fact that it was delivered timely with very nice packing. Results are pretty obvious from day 1. Highly recommended.

Beard filler

Yes it is good. But is in black color and my beard is more dark brown. So if I can get in dark brown that would help a lot. Thanks

Highly recommended

Very good product especially if you are having pimple like me and also wants to attend tons of functions. Just apply it and do makeup over it, your pimple will get completely vanish. No one can notice even the patch. Thumbs up! 👍

Best Product

This is literally insane product. Patch gets invisible right after 15 mins making pimple almost unnoticeable. Getting treatment without anyone noticing it.
keep it up guys.🔥🔥