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The word SKIN RÓZSA originated from Hungarian dialect, meaning rose. Depicting the delicacy of blooming rosettes. SKIN RÓZSA is all set to become your next skincare staple.
How it came into existence?
Many of us grew up hearing from our mothers and their mothers to "Just leave our skin alone," whether it be breaking out or getting post-inflammatory scarring.
Scorching summer in Pakistan means a whole new acne cycle along with various other skin concerns. I thought it was only "I" for whom nothing worked. I was frustrated, but one late evening, it struck me why don't I build a skin brand that targets concerns that no one talks about here. So that very moment sitting on my couch SKIN RÓZSA came into being.
I tried every product on myself first before introducing it to my online family. I hope you cherish each of them as much as I do!
Unlike many brands out in the market, our products are a blend of traditional and modern scientific research. We bring innovative and essential key ingredients to our customers, catering to their individualistic needs. From a mother to her teenage daughter, anyone can use them in their daily lives and feel special.
SKIN RÓZSA is an affair of both organic and luxury beauty regime. Our goal is to make you fall in love with your skin and embracing your true self.
We firmly believe in health and wellness. Bringing the best for our customers has been our utmost priority. The products we develop are top-notch and made with passion. We never compromise on quality; hence they are safe and non-toxic.
Fascinated by the use of organic products in ancient times has led us to extract "actives" carefully and potently, making an excellent skin treatment for you to relish. Every formula created is tested before its introduction.
From our spa sets to mists, everything is made to keep in mind the personalized effect it can bring on an individual's senses. We want our tools/products to be enjoyed while they rejuvenate your skin. Sensuous textures and tools will genuinely change the way you look at skincare and how you spend your time unwinding!
Loaded shelves and too-good-to-be-true claims have made beauty and skin purchases quite confusing for everyone. With time skincare became more contemporary; it also got more intimating for beginners.
We aspire to simplify beauty by concocting modern and forgone natural skincare secrets to formulate extraordinary blends that ensure visible results.
This is where SKIN RÓZSA steps in with its easy-to-use, accessible, yet gratifying products. Taking care of your skin should not be complicated. It rather should be a pleasant experience that one looks forward to, after spending a hectic day at work, college, or home.
Inspired by the healing properties of Mother Nature, we strive to make you complacent with your skin. Just as they say, confidence makes one radiant!
Over the centuries, beauty standards have changed drastically; however, SKIN RÓZSA focuses on making you feel gorgeous both inside out. We acknowledge skincare rituals therapeutic powers; hence, our products are perfectly designed to promote self-love and wellness. We want you to commit your downtime to concentrate on yourself solely.